Introducing GenuOne - Your Protection Against Counterfeit Cash

Cashmaster GenuOne

The Cashmaster GenuOne™ is the ultimate bill validator for your business. In just 0.5 of a second, it scans bills to identify counterfeits, aiding in cash loss prevention. Plus, its robust design and thoughtful visual and audible indicators make it a user-friendly, accessible tool for all staff, including those with sight and hearing impairments.

Easy to use: Simply insert your bill into the device and watch as it performs a rapid inspection of the dollar bill’s security features.



  • Highly accurate counterfeit detection.
  • Greater confidence in cash authenticity.
  • Saves time for customer and cashier as bills are validated in less than a second.
  • Increases bottom line by catching shrink before it happens.
  • Eliminates pressure on staff to identify counterfeits manually.
  • No learning curve - intuitive operation.

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Cashmaster GenuOne in Action!




Lightning-Fast Speed

The GenuOne™ operates at an astounding speed, scanning bills in just 0.5 of a second. This rapid processing ensures that your cash transactions remain swift and efficient.

Effortless Operation

There's no learning curve when it comes to using the GenuOne™. Simply power it on, insert your dollar bills, and let the device do the rest. It automatically checks for counterfeits, making it incredibly user-friendly for both novice and experienced users.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Equipped with seven different validation tests, the GenuOne™ boasts unparalleled accuracy in detecting counterfeit bills. It employs a combination of advanced technologies to identify fake currency with precision, providing peace of mind in cash handling.


  • Reliably detects counterfeit bills in half a second.
  • Insert bills face up or down, for ease of use and efficiency.
  • Uses 7 technologically advanced tests to tell if a bill is a counterfeit.
  • Validates the value of each bill to protect against reprinted or modified money.
  • Choose exit direction of bills from front or rear of machine.
  • Compact and portable for added flexibility (with optional battery).
  • Equipped for easy future software updates.