Cashmaster International the No. 1 choice for the Restaurant sector in US

Over recent years, there have been numerous reports[i] about a ‘cashless’ society suggesting that cash payments will be replaced by cards and increased usage of mobile apps. Whilst the frequency of cards and mobile app usage has indeed increased, the use of cash has not decreased. The US Federal Reserve predicts, “cash will grow an average of 1.7% per year from 2012 to 2022”. What does this mean for the restaurant sector?

Gordon McKie, Vice President and CEO at Cashmaster International said

“Many of our clients have expressed the need to find time-saving solutions for their cash handling procedures. They need to spend less time counting money and more time serving customers. We have seen growth in this sector, with many clients relying upon our count-by-weight ‘cash counting’ products”.

Cashmaster International and Panera Bread recently agreed a major business deal that will see more than 1000 Cashmaster Sigma 170 ‘count by weight’ cash counting machines and integrated Zeta-Zero printers distributed across the bakery-café business outlets in the USA.

Bill Hamilton, Technical Director at Cashmaster said

“The Cashmaster Sigma 170 with Zeta-Zero printer will allow Panera Bread to count a till drawer in around 60 seconds saving employees across the business, thousands of hours per year that can be used to focus on their customers. Return on investment statistics expect Panera Bread will save around 3500 hours per week by using Cashmaster count-by-weight’ cash-counting machines’’.

Other Cashmaster clients in this sector include: McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Starbucks, Jack in the Box, Arby’s Restaurant Group, What A Burger, Chic-Fil-A, Subway.


For additional information please contact: Inger Davidson, Marketing Manager at: or + 44 1383 416 098.

Notes to Editors

Cashmaster International is a global company which specializes in the design and manufacture of count-by-weight ‘cash counting’ products and provision of cash handling solutions.

Cashmaster’s ‘cash counting’ products are designed and manufactured in Scotland.

The company is headquartered in Rosyth, Scotland, and has offices in Europe and the USA with distributors across the world. Clients include some of the world’s largest Blue Chip international companies in the retail, banking and restaurant sectors.

Cashmaster International has over 30 years’ experience in creating knowledgeable and innovative cash handling solutions for a wide range of customers. The company has a wide knowledge and understanding of the extended ‘cash cycle’ which enables clients to benefit from their cash processing challenges.

Each Cashmaster count-by-weight machine is built to the highest standard with the most advanced technology. They are lightweight, durable and portable with silent operation and a small footprint, making them ideal for the retail, office or even a front-of-house environment.

[i] Currency Research – The Case for Cash summary report