Cashmaster Launches QR-Link

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Cashmaster Launches QR-Link

New Integration Software Solution for Cash Management

London November 27, 2018 -- Cashmaster today announced the Introduction of Cashmaster QR-Link, a QR code application providing enhanced software functionality for its Cashmaster One range of count-by-weight cash counting devices, that offers an innovative, simple solution to integrating with back office or POS systems. 

When installed, count data is presented as a QR code on the display of the Cashmaster One device, that can be scanned by a standard POS scanner or the camera of a mobile/tablet device. The count data can then be transferred to the POS or other system.  The QR code avoids the need for USB or ethernet cable connectivity between the POS and the Cashmaster Cash counter – effectively providing wireless transfer of the cash count (including vouchers/coupons in addition to notes and coins) as well as other information for process traceability, such as cashier ID and till ID.

In a connected world, a deeper level of integration and seamless transfer of data to the POS is a growing requirement for Cashmaster’s clients.  Its customers are looking to remove multiple levels of manual processing of data across their businesses in order to: reduce opportunities for errors; speed up the processing of data; give more real-time information that businesses can use to make better, faster decisions; and provide greater accuracy and accountability to their enterprises.  Integration can be seen also as a key component in a loss prevention strategy.

No matter the level of operation, this solution provide data in a format that can be easily digested by cash management and analytics programs for big, medium or small companies.  As competition increases, the rewards of deploying Cashmaster One and Cashmaster QR-Link can show directly in bottom line improvements. 

Gordon McKie, Group CEO of Cashmaster, commented, “Companies are under intense pressure to maximize income and improve efficiencies, while at the same time motivating staff.  It’s a complex dynamic that Cashmaster understands; it has also been a powerful imperative for us in designing the intuitive technology for cash management that helps clients achieve those goals.  

“Solutions can be tailored to customers’ specific needs, from simple off-the-shelf tools requiring minimal customer resources to implement, to working with customers’ IT teams in providing more complex solutions.  With a proven quick return on the initial investment to boot.”