When the love affair ends, start a new one

On Valentine's day, it's not just your customers who'll be attending to affairs of the heart. What about you? What about your staff? Why spend ages counting and recounting cash when you could be on your way to see your own loved ones?

If your relationship with your current cash counting device just isn't working for you. Leave it behind! Trade up to a solution you'll love forever! And one that will adapt to your needs today and tomorrow.

Of course, you might be nervous of swapping what you know for something new, but think of the potential gains you'll make through superior cash handling processes with a Cashmaster One:

  • Time savings
  • Errors eliminated
  • Cost reductions - investment in a Cashmaster One pays for itself in a matter of weeks - check out our ROI Calculator
  • Complete portability - you can take Cashmaster One anywhere. Its integral long-life battery and optional integrated printer means that you can carry out quick spot checks as well as cash counts and pick-ups anywhere.

You'll love its:

  • Absolute dependability: Cashmaster One will never let you down. Your device will count accurately in the most challenging conditions - air conditioning, drafts and vibration.
  • Speed:  Count an entire cash drawer and print the count receipt in under 60 seconds. That's from the moment you turn the device on!

But the good bit is that, switching to our more advanced solution involves very little disruption to your business, and doesn't require heavy duty intervention from your IT department.  Switching is so easy!  What’s more, our product specialists and developers can offer you a free consultation service in order to help you identify ways of streamlining your cash handling processes. Cashmaster One devices can also be tailored to your precise requirements. 

As well as a free consultation, we provide a no-obligation free trial on Cashmaster One devices - we never get any returns and are confident that once you try Cashmaster One, you won't want to be parted from it! Call us today!

More information to help you decide which Cashmaster device is best for you, can be found on this website. You may also find the brief guide we have prepared useful: Key considerations when choosing cash counting devices

What are you waiting for?