Affordable Cash Counting Solutions to Reduce Cash Loss

| Retail Technology, Customer Experience

Cash handling is a necessity for any discount retailer, but in a busy shop floor environment, it's easy for money to be miscounted, corners to be cut in company process, audits to be missed, and as a result, cash loss. Cash loss costs the US retail sector $6.7 billion every year, continuing to rise in high cash sectors such as discount retail. So, if there is a chance that poor cash management practices are falling under your business's radar, there is scope for improvement. Let's take some steps to improving the visibility of cash in your stores.

There are simple processes and solutions to improve cash handling and management and increase store profitability, reduce staff turnover, and strengthen control over processes and training.

And this doesn't mean implementing a solution that will break the bank either!


Where can Cashmaster One Help You Succeed?

Every time your cash is manually counted, reconciled, or handled, there is a risk of employee theft or accidental loss and then further cost associated with the investigation that follows.

Eliminating the manual processes, such as cash counting, record-keeping, and data entry, your process can easily be streamlined and made more efficient by automating your cash handling.

Cashmaster One will automate and streamline all activities across your entire cash management process!

Affordable Cash Management

With the restrictions of tight profit margins across the discount retail sector, the last thing your business needs is to be a fortune on a cash management solution that will take months, if not years, to show any return on investment.

Cashmaster One is highly affordable compared to other technology, with the average payback being less than 4 weeks. Our solution is market-leading in technology, efficiency, and accuracy but small on space and portable so it can be used around the shop floor and also the back office.

Whether you have processes in place or not, cash loss isn't going away. Automating all your processes, or even a part of them, will significantly reduce the opportunity for error and/or theft. With Cashmaster One, we provide your employees with the solutions they need to improve accuracy and reduce errors and give your business visibility and control through automated, efficient, and accurate cash management solutions.

With your cash handling under control, you can focus on your next win for the business.