Avoid Costly Bank and Cash In Transit Fees With Cashmaster

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We understand the challenges being faced in business right now. We’re all feeling the squeeze, and the last thing you need is unnecessary and unexpected charges eroding your profits.

The threat of bank and CIT fees is one that we at Cashmaster are ready to help you reduce, thanks to our industry-leading automated and integrated offering – the Cashmaster One range.

Saving you time and money

Cashing up can be a laborious process, faced with multiple points of sale, you’re stretched for time as it is. The time taken spent cashing up alone is costly, with our customers typically saving at least one hour per day per store when using Cashmaster count-by-weight products. You can see for yourself the cost impact of replacing manual counting with a Cashmaster solution here.

However, miscounted dollars and cents here and there can lead to more than just administration problems. Firstly, you will be faced with numerous miscounts that don’t match up with what your systems are expecting. Those recounts are going to hit you hard, as mentioned previously, and the time spent investigating your discrepancies is time you just don’t have.  

Even worse, those errors can lead to unexpected charges and being out by a little can result in hefty penalties. If you’re inputting the wrong figures into the cash in transit system, you’re going to be hit with a fee to fix it – no matter the amount you’re off by.

Multiply that for every store, and the total can be astronomical. When you receive those end of month statements, you could be hit hard with penalties and fines.

Why not see how you can remove this stress and unnecessary operational charges, and get in touch with our product team today?

Cash In Transit Fees

Cash in transit companies are vital at protecting an essential asset of your business for you, money. They provide a level of security and peace of mind you can’t get anywhere else and are invaluable for the success of your enterprise.

However, this comes at a premium, and as a result their penalty fees can quickly skyrocket. Should you need excess cash removed at short notice, for example, you will pay a far higher price than normal for their services.

And as discussed earlier, counting cash takes time – time you may not have. Miss your scheduled collection, and you’ll likely be charged anyway. Rearranging a collection will only impose further costs, and before you know it, you’re paying more and more in penalties and charges.

The Cashmaster solution will enable you to plan ahead with streamlined and integrated cash management that ensures you can count cash quickly and accurately – reducing the threat of those painful cash in transit fees.

Combining Cashmaster technology with cash management applications such as DTS Connex, means you can have full visibility of your entire cash position, from store right through to the bank.

By combining Cashmaster One technology with DTS Connex management tools and automating your entire cash handling process, you can remove opportunity for discrepancies, giving you added peace of mind as well as extra time – time you can use to get on with different value-adding activities.

Cashmaster solutions offer savings beyond the obvious. The time of you and your people comes at a cost, but so does accuracy and accounting. Cashmaster One goes beyond a simple money counter, integrating into your already in place systems to further streamline and improve efficiency for the entire cash counting process.

To find out how we can help you avoid nasty penalties and fees, arrange your consultation with a member of the Cashmaster team now.