DTS Connex® and Cashmaster Partnership Announcement

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DTS Connex and Cashmaster confirm integrated solution for benefit of USA retailers.

International Financial Services, Inc. the provider of DTS Connex®, an innovative web-based cash management platform, and Cashmaster International, the leading, global count-by-weight solutions provider, today confirmed a new partnership which provides an extended range of integrated cash management solutions for the retail sector in the USA.

The new, innovative technology will integrate the DTS Connex platform with Cashmaster’s count-by-weight technology, thereby creating complete enterprise-wide visibility of the cash handling process. This new solution will show the cash position from POS, to the back office, in transit to the bank, and when the cash is credited to the customer’s account. The solution will not only decrease the number of discrepancies and create a more efficient cash handling process for employees, it will also give store, regional and headquarters management greater control over and a clear view of the entire process in each location.

For retail businesses, this provides an opportunity to further reduce time and money spent on disjointed cash management procedures and also give their employees the freedom to focus on different value-added activities, such as the in-store customer experience, stock management, and merchandizing. Provisional credit can also be made available from certain financial institutions through the DTS Connex platform thereby helping retailers reduce borrowing costs.

"We are excited to expand the available DTS Connex device integration options through our partnership with Cashmaster. Their innovative cash counting solutions will undoubtedly benefit our clients’ cash management processes and the integration with DTS Connex will provide end-to-end cash control and visibility. We’re looking forward to implementing our joint solution to many businesses across the USA to help them drive down operational costs and improve efficiencies". - Lou Salafia, President of DTS Connex®.

This level of integration is possible with the customization of Cashmaster’s leading, Cashmaster One range of devices. The Cashmaster One range offers an intuitive touch screen interface for ease of use, improved hygiene, and an optional integrated thermal printer that can provide reports and tracking slips to track and manage cash moving through a retail business. The software included with Cashmaster products can also be fully customized for specific business needs and enable clients to streamline and implement standard operating procedures across all retail locations.

Gordon McKie, CEO of Cashmaster International added:’’ The Cashmaster One range has been designed and developed to specifically to improve connectivity and integration among businesses and enhance their cash management tools. Featuring a brand new QR Link, businesses will literally have at their fingertips the ability to digitally scan and transfer till count data from their Cashmaster One device into their POS system, ensuring speed and consistency throughout. We are excited to launch our new partnership with DTS Connex as it will offer customers an efficient end-to-end solution and the visibility of the entire cash management process. It’s also the first time that we will be able to bundle a provisional credit benefit alongside a Cashmaster One device. Reduced and unnecessary fees, fewer discrepancies, reduced labor time (and associated costs) will contribute towards a much more streamlined and efficient process for clients."

To find out more about how the Cashmaster & DTS Connex can benefit your business, click here.