What Are The Advantages of a Coin & Bill Counter?

Maximizing your loss prevention efforts doesn’t have to be a costly and challenging task with a Cashmaster device. In today’s piece, we explain exactly why, and answer the question "what are the advantages of a coin & bill counter?"

In the latest edition of our Cashmaster features series, we will explain why a Cashmaster One Max is the best money counter on the market, and a great solution to achieve loss prevention.


What Are The Advantages of a Coin & Bill Counter?

If you’re trying to work out if a coin & bill counter is for you, you will be pleased to hear that there are more benefits than just achieving a simpler cash-counting process. Let’s look at the different benefits below: 


Coin & Bill Counter


Coin & Bill Counters Save Time

One of the biggest issues for customer-facing businesses like supermarkets, restaurants and retail is lack of time.

Our Cashmaster One range can reduce your count time from an average of 8 minutes to under 60 seconds. Our solution also dramatically reduces the risk of manual error throughout the count and subsequent reporting, ensuring there is no need for time-consuming recounts.

By significantly reducing the time it takes to carry out a register count and with potential time savings in the range of 10 hours per location per week, staff can invest more time meeting the needs of customers and the business, especially keeping queues down at registers.

To find out exactly how much time and money you could be saving, using A Cashmaster Coin & Bill Counter, try our Savings Calculator!


Coin & Bill Counters Drive Cash Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention requires a significant investment of your budget and employees’ time. This combined with the challenges of operating on paper-thin margins can exacerbate even the smallest discrepancies.

It's no surprise therefore that it’s important to ensure you have consistent cash management processes throughout your business to protect your cash.

Our Cashmaster One range has a variety of features to ensure you are covered. Register and employee IDs, management access restrictions, data transfer and data storage can all provide the capability to allow any discrepancies to be quickly and simply tracked and managed without any fuss.

Greater control not only makes staff more accountable but encourages them to have stronger adherence to your cash-handling procedures. As the University of Strathclyde’s business school suggests, our cash counting devices adhere to exemplary cash handling procedures, which will help you meet the guidelines they advise with ease.


Employee Productivity Through Use of Coin & Bill Counters 

Building strong customer loyalty in a fiercely competitive marketplace has never been more important. This is particularly true of ‘bricks-and-mortar' locations, where the cost of having a physical presence grows year-on-year.

Cash counting can be a laborious and inefficient task, which can be made increasingly time-consuming when it has to be carried out more than once during an employee shift.

Our Cashmaster One range reduces this time significantly, meaning there will be no more staying late after shifts for employees to complete their register counts and it will free up their time to focus on key tasks and learn new aspects of the business.

Increased employee satisfaction can also lead to more productive teams, lesser sick days, and reduced employee turnover rates!


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So, when asking ‘what are the advantages of a coin & bill counter?’, it's important to consider both the immediate and longer-term advantages! Think of the benefits that you could achieve for yourself, your people, and your business. Trial a Cashmaster One device today.